July Resolution - Boundaries

Motherhood, such a wonderful calling. A calling where these bundles of joy fully depend on us, want us and love us unconditionally. But with this joy also comes responsibility as I am my children's first teacher. 
A daunting task, that oftentimes has left me feeling unprepared despite my best efforts and preparation. 

I long to build a solid and well-footed foundation now in the early years. A foundation that is wide and deep and strong. At this time of their childhood, my children depend on me, more than just on the basic survival skills. This dependence goes beyond a roof over our heads and food on the table. It roots itself deep in the knowledge that my kids can depend on me emotionally as well. 

At this young age, my children are still in the phase of impulses. She is in a stage not so much about getting her own way than it is about being able to control her impulses until the time is right. And that's where I as a parent and teacher come in. To gently guide her in expressing her desires. I can do so by giving limits and boundaries. 

Not choices, but boundaries. I am guilty of having given my child too many choices thinking I may crush her spirit if I don't. But in the long run I found this to be more frustrating for both of us, especially in hurried situations. On the other hand, if I take the daunting task of having to choose between oh so many choices, she is much more calm and well spirited. It's a win win for both of us. 

So for the month of July I have been focusing on guiding my Little Ones and helping them comply to my directions.