Browney Points

I have a thing for fresh foods. Fresh fruits are a beautiful sight to look at, all these colors, shapes and textures. Oh, and don't get me started on the taste. The juicy bite of a watermelon (and I they made me oh so sick during my first pregnancy), the spicy crunch of a radish, or the soft mush of a Banana. 

And the more exotic the foods and tastes, the better. Heavenly. 

Arrange them for a pretty salad and it's even better. Love. It.

So I tend to buy whole foods, fruits and vegetables at our local farmers market. And lots of it. Our fridge is in a constant state of fullness with fruits and vegetables. On some days we have to shuffle things around to get even one container of left overs squeezed in. Ha!

But here's the problem -- I have the unfortunate tendency to leave half a jig-a-marig of fruit turn sad in the fridge. The beautiful site of a fruit plate for lunch on Monday or Tuesday, gets forgotten in the hustle of finding enough ingredients for dinner on Wednesday. 

Yeah. I shall work on that and change it pronto.

But besides the point -- I was very happy to help out with the fruit display and dip for a Babyshower at our church. I not only like to taste fruit, but also prepare it. Double browny... errr fruity points. lol