Cling to the Father --

We piled everybody in the van - the men up front, kids and wives in the back, and we took off to the mountains Sunday afternoon. In the car on the way, the radio plays "Long, black Train", you know the one sung by Josh Turner with his deep voice perfect for these lyrics. I love listening to him. We all did, because we all interrupted our conversations and each hummed or sang along with Josh. At that moment I felt God's presence in the van, surrounding us all during this song.

And then we were on our way to visiting Shatley Springs  -- up in the mountains after a 2 1/2 hour ride, which seemed like 10 minutes with the great company we had. Through winding roads, up two hills and down one, many turns later Shatley Springs appears out of nowhere. Right there on the left.

At Shatley Springs you eat family style. We all gather around our large table, E in her stroller beside us, and connect while waiting on our dinner. And then it's served, fried chicken, baked beans, mashed potatoes, biscuits and what not. Good country cooking. We talk and laugh and eat until we are stuffed. But desert will fit, there is always room for some strawberry cobbler.

 This is the place I had mentioned in my post on monday. I love connecting with friends, and these friends have been in our lives for only a few years, but it seems like forever. The wives call each other sisters - and it means a lot to us.

What a great way to spend our Sunday afternoon. We really enjoyed it. Thank you, Lord!

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What I wore - Shatley Springs

We went to Shatley Springs with some very good friends of ours yesterday. I chose to wear this blue dress with the yellow cardigan over it. And as it was a little bit chilly I combined the outfit with my brown boots. May?... hello?
This outfit has been one of my go to's here lately. I just love it, and normally I wear a scarf on it as well, which I was dearly missing yesterday. Luckily you can't see in the picture how much I was shivering ;)

Happy Monday!



What I wore

I have went through a lot of changes over the last year. God has called me to Him and through Him I am guided to becoming a godly wife and mother. Though still rather slow, I have begun to update my blog to reflect these changes He is working in my life.

Here is what I wore Saturday, when my wonderful In-Laws came down for a visit.

I love maxi skirts and feel very comfortable in them. Paired up with a good top they work great both at home and for work. Though not full time yet, I am mostly in knee long skirts and maxi dresses nowadays, and very comfortable with my decision to do so.