Growing Closer

We wrap. Often. 

Not so much with E when she was a baby because I was still working full time and I just didn't know about all the benefits, but definitely a lot with J.

On some days it can feel like my entire self is drowning in the constant dependence of my two tiny human beings. Those moments when everything is going blissfully great followed by some where I'm going insane because I just can't.put.them.down. 

Hungy. Teething. Grocery shopping. All of the above. 

I have learned to love myself and love myself when wrapping. 

When I wrap my baby, I don't just wrap for convenience. Though that's a big plus - especially during dinner preparation and while grocery shopping. But wrapping is about so much more! I am close to my baby, and I mean "I-can-kiss-you-as-much-as-I-want" close. I can talk to him, love on him, and he can rest his sleepy little head on my chest when he wants to. 

I have a busy little boy, who loves exploring and spending time with Sister. But when he's ready for some snuggles, it feels so good to just scoop him up and wrap him. He's so content in there (until he's ready to get out and explore again). This has been a win-win for my tribe and me. 

Love it.