This and That- a Catch up post

The house is quiet with sleeping kids, the laundry drying outside, and a cup of tea on the side table next to me. A normal Monday again, which I am beyond grateful for.
The last ten or so weeks have been quite an experience for our family, the kids especially. I won't go into details, but I am praying for peace, love, and understanding.

After a busy week last week - catching up on errands and spending some much needed time with a dear friend of mine who is moving back to Hawaii, we took it slow today, enjoying every minute of our Monday chores - breakfast, laundry, dirty diapers. A mid-morning walk up our long gravel driveway to the mailbox did just the trick. Big Sister even pulled Baby Brother a little ways. Once they wake up from their naps, I want to take them back outside again. I am definitely gearing more towards a simpler and more natural lifestyle with them now, away from too many distractions, including TV.  It is a conscious decision we have to make every day - to be more mindful of our surroundings and of ourselves. Big Sister does better with slow and I like that.

Slow it will be then.

Praying for a good Monday and a great week.