Thriving in Babylon - Book Giveaway

 I recently started following a new blog - her name is Julie at More of Him. She is a sweet blogger and I have been really enjoying reading her posts. Well, the first post I commented on was a Book Giveaway of "Thriving in Babylon" by Larry Osborne, and who would have thought it - I won. The book review written by Julie had me so interested I was ready to check our local library to see if they had a copy.

But now I don't need to. *smile* God works in mysterious ways... even for books.

The back of the book reads:

"Meet a man forced to live in a fast-changing and godless society. He faced fears about the future, concern for his safety, and discouragement as the world seemed to be falling apart at warp speed. Sound familiar? His name was Daniel, and with the power of hope, humility, and wisdom, he not only thrived, but he also changed an empire. Though he lived thousands of years ago, we can still learn much from him today."
 Please make a point to check out Julies review . She does a great job and I hope it will spark your interest in the book as well. I can't wait to begin reading it and will post an update again, after I'm through the book.

Julie, thank you so much for hosting the Giveaway and especially thank you so much for the book!


Happy Fourth of July!!

This American Flag Cookie was super easy to prepare and so delicious, I think I'm going to bake it more often. 

 Enjoying the sand at the Lake.

Our crew - it was so much fun! We were blessed to have both sun and cloud cover. Made for a wonderful, not so sun burnt day!! 

Enjoying some Daddy-Daughter bonding time. My Jc is a great father, I love these two to the moon and back.

Exhausted on our way back in. She did great out on the water!

*big smiley face*

More bonding time while watching the Fireworks!

We serve a wonderful God. Felt His presence with us all day.