How to Make a Diaper Cake

What you will need --

a box of diapers (approx 60-70 diapers)
a baby bottle
at least 1 receiving blanket
yarn and rubber bands
various baby items for decorations, eg. pacifier, socks, hats, shampoo and lotion bottles, toys

Start by rolling up the diapers and securing them with rubber bands. Then  layer them around the bottle, fastening each row of diaper rolls with a string. Add about 3 rows of rolls, this will be your bottom tier of the cake.

Take the receiving blanket and fold it to the height of the rolled diapers.  

Then wrap the receiving blanket around the bottle cap. Place rolled diapers around the receiving blanket and secure with more string. This will be your second tier of the cake (left picture below) -- 

For the top tier, just use rolled diapers, since you will be able to see all of this tier later, depending on how you decorate it. Secure with more string and place on top of the second tier.

Now you are ready to hide the string under some ribbons and decorate to your choice.

Have Fun!

Our little helper ;o)