Frozen - Granola - Yogurt - Banana Bites

With a growing Pre-Schooler and a still nursing Baby at home, I am constantly in need for (healthy) snacks. My daughter loves ice cream. She will get up in the morning asking for ice cream (or cookies, her other favorite). As much as I want to be the "cool" mom that lets her child eat everything she wants when she wants it, I can't. That part is reserved for grandparents. And boy did she rat her Pop Pop out the other day.
"I want Pop Pop. I want candy. Pop Pop candy" Once my wonderful husband and I put two and two together, we couldn't help but laugh. 

You just can't get anything by a three year old. 

Anyways, so I figured out pretty quickly I needed new snacks. Healthy snacks if possible. 

While at the store the other day, I picked up some granola and bananas. I had frozen bananas and grapes before as frozen snacks, but then I thought "hey, why not just add some frozen yogurt and a little umph to the snack with the granola. 

So for this recipe you will need:


Yogurt of your choice

fruit of your choice

cupcake liners 


muffin pan

 First begin by filling the bottom of each muffin liner with granola. I am a little on the crunchy green side, so I prefer using the silicone reusable liners. And lucky me, I only have Halloween colors orange and black available. Ha!

Add some of the yogurt over the granola. I chose vanilla greek yogurt, but you can do any kind you like. For the blueberry/strawberry version I will probably choose blueberry or... strawberry yogurt. 

Layer your choice of cut fruit on top of the yogurt. It will all freeze together in the freezer. You can do bananas, blueberries, strawberries, etc. Your choices are endless. 

If you started out filling the liners outside of the pan, place everything in the muffin pan now. And then the whole thing into the freezer. For space reasons I used the deep chest freezer in the garage. 
And voila, a healthy snack is a cooking... err a freezing. :) 

Miss E enjoyed two of the Yogurt Bites in one snack, they are that good! I for one, am so thankful to have found some healthier snack alternatives than just cookies *big smiley face*



Every Smile is a Direct Achievement

I read the title on my tea bag today.

Every smile is a direct achievement. 

I realized that here lately I am burned out a bit and thus, cross with my oldest a lot. Therefore, for the month of February my "New Year's turned Monthly Resolution" will be that I purpose to smile more at my family. January was rising earlier in the morning to read and work a little bit before the kids wake up. 

For February it will be smiling more and stressing less. I'm praying I will be able to 'go with the flow'.