Calm, Still and Gentle

My apologies I was MIA for a few weeks, as we have been working a lot of overtime at our store.

Thus, I some what skipped over last month's New Year's Resolution turned Monthly Resolution. But with my whee Babe sleeping next to me on the couch and the other one watching Mouk on Netflix, I'd like to take this moment and focus on a new resolution.

I noticed a fault in my heart this past month that I desire to work on over the next 30 days. It would be the need for a calm and gentle spirit in the midst of confusion. To have a calm and gentle spirit does not mean to always be quiet and never speak. A silent person can have a storm inside herself, yet never speak a word about it. To have a calm and gentle spirit calls me to rest in Him and to not be filled with worry or anxiety. I feel it also calls me to take my time with a task at hand and to not be in a hurry. Just the other day I displayed a less than calm spirit when a car took my right of way at a stop sign and it has bothered me ever since. I'm not at peace when I have an angry or upset spirit and I most definitely would not want my children to see and learn an angry spirit from me.

So this month I will focus on cultivating a calm and gentle spirit. To rest in our Lord and know that He is in charge, not me.