The Goodness of a Woman Behind the Counter

It was one of those days - with a buggy full of a crib mattress, various other baby items and what not's, we file into the line at the Target checkout. The kids are hungry, because lunch is over due for an hour, as well as sleepy, the early morning nap didn't happen today. But they have been on their best behavior throughout the store, a plus for me.
And then the gift card didn't work. The young lady behind the register was nice enough, offering to keep the items behind the register for when I get it all figured out, but the manager in charge, unfortunately, could have cared less. But no worries, we are all only human.

After a back and forth a few times I regret to inform the manager that I will have to cancel the complete order out, please. 

We try again at the customer service. All items besides the mattress were left at the register.

But alas, no luck there, either. By now, both kids are screaming. Hunger and sleepiness finally surfaced. I politely ask the clerk behind the customer service to take care of the mattress, I will have to continue my shopping from the big computer at home. 

We head out the door, load up in the van in search for some (healthy) lunch. 

Fast Food is out (thank you very much). Sit down restaurant not a good idea either (screaming kids, remember?). I give Starbucks a try. 

As the sweet lady rings us up, I add "And a coffee, please," to our order. "It's been one of those days," I explain. 

She smiles. She encourages, and says she will bring the coffee out to me. 

Plus some extra napkins.

What a thoughtful soul she was. This sweet woman went the extra mile and lifted my spirit in an instant. 

We still didn't get the crib mattress, nor all the other items I needed. But when I left Starbucks after lunch, we all were in better spirits. (The coffee may have helped, too. Just sayin').

So thank you, sweet Lady at the Coffee Shop. Your kindness went a long way today. 


Let Them be Little

Let them be little. The kids.

Let them grow and explore, play and get dirty.

Let them scream and yell, run and hide.

Let them be little. My kids.

That has been my mantra. The goal is to run wild and explore as much as possible outside this summer. The garden hose turned on, my daughter running wild under the water sprinkler. And also daily time playing in the pool. I wish for my daughter to learn hard work is not an option but required, and also to remember her summers playing outside and learning to swim in the family pool.

On my recent dinner with a wise woman and mother of tween and teenage boys - all of which are respectful and pleasant to be around - I am learning to love myself. It is such an encouragement to know that how I'm choosing to raise my children others have done so before me with a great turn out. A lot of times I feel like I'm going against the grain but then I see the connection between my children - their bond and laughter shared, even at this young of an age.

And I slip every now and then. I realize that. I'm not perfect. I'm human. We are shaped in times of pressure and trial.

We get up, forgive, and try again.

I yearn for my children to remember me not as a momster, but their nurturing rock in life they know they can depend on. And the only way for them to remember me that way is to be it.

So --

Let them be little. The kids.


June Resolution

We're already halfway through June, but here it goes -- for this month I choose rhythm. Mainly because it is important to me to have rhythm, the kids do better on it and so do I.

Slow and simple rhythm.

We get up in the morning, read a book or two to wake up while I sip my coffee. Breakfast, and then outside - or uptown if there are any errands to run. The slower we take the morning, the better the rest of the day follows.

I also recently read about giving children a run down of the next day's schedule if anything big or out of the normal is coming up. I wish I had known about it sooner, but I have noticed my daughter taking to this very well. It gives her time to mentally prepare for the next day. It works for us.