Simple Food: Fall Harvest Snacks

This time of year calls for candy. And lots of it. The internet is full of mouth watering recipe ideas that I would love to bake and eat them all. Combine that with all the fall desserts and we are in for some delicious fun! But, I also have kids. My kids and too much sugar is not a great combination. {Is it ever?}

Therefore, to keep our snacks a bit on the healthy side until the big night, I searched Pinterest for some healthy fall snack ideas.  

In any case, below are a few snack ideas we recently have had in our house. e was very fond of the Candy Corn-ish snack, while j preferred the grapes and tangerines. I homemade the whipped cream on top of the pineapples and tangerines off of this recipe. I also like to have it in my afternoon cuppa, it hits the spot quite well I say. The eyes and mouth were drawn on the glass with a Sharpie {gasp}, but no worries it washes right off. All of the snacks are definitely keepers for us. 

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