Little House in the Pumpkin

 Last week I had an Instagram post reminding myself to embrace fall baking despite the not so fall-like temperatures, especially after I found all these goodies at the local Farmer's Market. Among my finds was a pumpkin. A good sized heavy cooking pumpkin. 

A pumpkin fresh from the Farmer's Market was just the right thing to take home to lift my fall spirits. This pumpkin, grown among many from a small seed in the farmer's fields, so heavy and plump with oh such delicious goodness that awoke a desire in me to preserve and devour it all at the same time. And then I gently remind myself that there are more pumpkins to return to for later if I wish. 

Carving pumpkins is a tradition; a delight for most around this time of the year. Walking amongst the many beautiful fall fruits, rich in color and scent, we usually choose the darker skinned variety to carve. But before I arrived at the Market, I already knew I wanted to cook with the healthy flesh insides instead of just discarding it. And so without further ado - in mostly just pictures our fall pumpkin house. 

Little House in the Pumpkin

large sharp chef's knife
boning knife
ice cream scoop
two bowls (one for the seeds and one for the flesh)

I chose to cut the end off instead of the top. Also, I spy a little hand... curious eyes and hands are always near.

Free handed the windows. If desired draw them on before cutting.
She not only helped gather materials from the yard, she also played with it for a while. Win, win in my book.

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