Thoughts on cribs

With Babies and a small, simple lifestyle, there are no one-size fits all approach. 

Everyone's space is different, and so are their needs and ideas of living smaller. What works for us may not work for you, but just in case you are wondering, here is a little strategy of what has happened over here in the past almost four years. Mental insert - my how fast they grow, wasn't I just pregnant with e!?!

Moving on, thank you very much, and focusing back on our sleep. Or rather, sleeping spaces and patterns. 

Bebe number one - knock on wood - slept ... well ... like a Baby as an infant. Not sure how this happened, if we had her in our room long enough or short enough or just right enough. At five months old, after being more used to each other and used to our swing of things, I learned that our little baby would sleep better on her own mattress in her own room. Thus, we transitioned her over to her very own bed in her very own room. 

But before we got to this point, like most new parents, I did my research on cribs both in stores and online. For me, as with most first time parents, there was a lot to consider. The square footage available, the style, personal preferences and finances, waiting time if purchased in a store, shipping costs if online, toxicity level, etcetera. I knew if I bought a new crib, I wanted a model without toxic paint or varnish with a feel of "home" {read:  feel of Europe}. My top choice was Ikea's Sniglar - I'm a lover of most things Ikea and this was a no-brainer choice for me. 
Its design is straightforward and simple, with clean lines all around and lots of breathing room on all four sides of the crib. To say I was slightly concerned about SIDS after reading oodles and oodles of posts on it is an understatement. I was worried, to say the least. So breathing room really was huge for me. Also, this crib converts into a toddler bed, which technically gives you more bang for the buck, but more on that in a different post. So, after lots of reading and considering . . . 

. . . we finally settled on this hand-me-down from my in-Loves. It was not a clean and simple design I had been looking for and it does not convert to a toddler bed either. Its vintage and detailed design, however, together with its price ($0 to us) was very appealing. That being said, I'm not sure where it stands on green-liness, but it is made of solid wood (stained, unfortunately) and it looks like it has existed for a few years - or rather decades - before my babies came along and by now all the bad stuff has hopefully had a chance to evaporate. I'm not claiming it is the best choice out there, but all things considered, this was the best choice for us at the time and so far I'm pretty convinced this has been a safe spot for both e and j to drift off into the land of nod. 

And how this bebe is sleeping like this is beyond me. Just sayin' . . . What are your thought's on cribs?