Simple Weekends -- Dragon Boat Race

Saturday was a hot and humid day here, though nothing unusual for a July in this area. In case the last week didn't convince us yet, with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s, this one definitely did.

Living in the south it practically asks us to spend our summers outside in or around water. My husband and I joined what felt like most of our county at the lake, where a Dragon Boat Race was held. (But it was mostly only the teams and their supporters, as well as some vendors that were present).

The event started early Saturday Morning, the sun had already began heating up the air temperature unrelentingly. I wanted to jump into the water as soon as I got there.
But I didn't. It was ok.

Here are a few snapshots of our day out there. I took hundreds and hundreds of pictures of the boats and racing teams, which I will spare you.
I enjoyed our day out there, it was very relaxing and we did what we like to do - be outdoors enjoying the company of others. It felt like a small vacation. 

Vibram Five Fingers - the best minimalist sport shoes. (I think)

Morning sun and toes. I did let my legs dangle in the water a bit later that day. Very refreshing.

Hanging out in between races. 

Dragon Boat waiting to race again.

This log resting on the sandy beach at the lake.

The drums to keep the rowers on the boat in line with each other.