Cabin Fever: Bryson City

It has been a great summer here at the house, with lots of long days playing outside in the sun. But last night, I was going through our pictures from our trip to the mountains in July, and I began thinking back to our stay in the old Inn as well as the train ride. We spent two wonderful days in the neighboring town to Bryson City up in the mountains. I have spend a little bit of time in the mountains, mainly when my in-Loves lived up in the Virginia Mountains or during short camping trips with my family growing up. 

The mountains have a way about them, their crisp early morning mountain air, with the way the sun comes up behind the mountains, warming up the day slowly. The colors seem brighter in the mountains, the sky bluer and the trees greener. Even now looking back, I can hardly describe the vibrant and lively colors of the mountainous nature. 

The Inn:

We stayed at the Jarrett House, which is so full of history! This home was originally built in 1884 to accommodate traveling railway passengers and was known then as it is now, for its comfortable rooms and home-cooked meals.  On each of the triple-tiered porches of this charming three-story home, you can find Rocker chairs to sit and relax in anytime of the day. And by any, I mean anytime of the day, as I have sat on the bottom porch at five o'clock in the morning, consoling my screaming baby boy. 

The town

Staying at the Inn and sitting on the front porch watching traffic go by would have probably sufficed for entertainment the two nights we stayed, but downtown Dillsboro was such an adorable little town we just had to walk around and explore it. Restaurants, gift shops and at least one church were all within walking distance of the Jarrett House. A cute little town, surrounded by the Mountains.

Eating out

The Inn serves a home-cooked breakfast for its guests, which was delicious to say the least. Friday night, however, after walking around for a little bit, the kids were hungry and so we found this little spot with its bright front porch lights. Apparently it is one of two locations.

Riding the Train

My wonderful Mother-in-Love had made reservations for us with the Great Smokey Mountain Railroad. We spent pretty much all day Saturday doing just that, riding the train, with a picnic lunch at noon. It was such a special time, especially for the kids. I highly recommend taking a day and experiencing the historic train (and museum) - and I'm not just saying this because we received free drinks all day. But it was a nice plus to have. 
All in all, it was a great experience and my daughter still talks about it.