Simple Life: Handmade Christmas Decorations

Natural holiday cheer. Decorate the house a bit, invite family and friends over for mulled wine or cider and set an evening of Holiday spirit merriment. Simply done. Instructions below. Enjoy.

Popcorn Cranberry Garland

You need:

Popcorn - preferably a day old and stale {trust me}
Cranberries - only the still hard ones {trust me}
Dental Floss
a needle

Happy stringing.

Dried Oranges 

You need:

Oranges {by the bag full}
Dehydrator or oven

Slice the oranges and place in dehydrator for 24 hrs or on a baking sheet {single layer} in the oven for 2-4 hrs at 200 F

Dried Oranges and Cinnamon Ornaments


You need:

dried orange slices {see above}
cinnamon sticks
twine {of your choice}

My house smells delicious!

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