Simple Kids: Currently Reading

This has been a hectic week for us, for no particular reason really. It just happened that way. One thing, however, to help us slow down and regroup - besides spending time outside - is reading books. We often times begin our mornings snuggled up in the kids' room, reading a book or two {or three} to help us {read: Mommy} wake up properly. 

My passion for reading books was born during my own childhood and has grown with me over the last decades. I remember our freshly bathed, still damp hair and the bare feet poking out of our pajamas, as we laid in bed waiting for everyone to gather; the way my father drew in his air while reading. I can still see him sitting on the bed with us, reading us a page from a 365 Good Night Stories book, his words gliding calmly over his lips. These recollections, deeply cherished and warmly remembered, resurface almost every night as I sit down in this house while reading to my children. Some days, e is sitting on my lap, softly nestling her head on my chest, and other days j takes over her spot, usually to nurse. But either way, we are making memories every time we sit and read together.

And while our own library of books is pretty significant - we have enough books to keep a good selection in the kids' room and another one in the living room - I also make it a point of borrowing seasonal books from our local library. With fall in full swing and Thanksgiving less than a week away, I am sharing with you today what has been on our nightstand these last couple of weeks.

The Hatseller and the monkey by Baba Wague Diakite
Where's Mommy? by Beverly Donofrio
Autumn Orange by Christianne C. Jones
The Thanksgiving visitor by Truman Capote
My Little Girl by Tim McGraw