On Sharing your Closet

Last year has been quite a summer. Between Babies being born and mothers announcing they are expecting, I have been blessed to be able to share my maternity clothes with others that are my size. While I have been fortunate enough to have a regular sized closet and dresser, I've also made a commitment to going as minimal as I feel comfortable. And sharing clothes that I currently am not in need of fits the bill quite perfectly. 

It may just be me, but I feel with each change of season, I re-evaluate my closet space and what I fill it with. And with a change in season, I don't necessarily mean the change from summer to fall, but the season of life. Normal to maternity, maternity to nursing and back to normal clothes.   

Since I was pregnant last year, I have had the opportunity to share my maternity clothes with my friend, and I just packed them up again to deliver to another beautiful woman this week. This sharing is helping me to get a jump on a phase in which I want to adapt to living with less and only own a wardrobe that I actually like and wear. As someone, who really cherishes the memories attached to items {unfortunately}, the idea of being able to loan my clothes out to others knowing they'll be coming back to me, helps me to figure out whether or not I really want to hang on to certain items. 

Now, I admit my grandmother has sewn me so many beautiful clothes {she picked up sewing after she retired from the bank 25 years ago} and those beauties are staying. And so do the ones that family and friends have shipped over from Europe. But others that I have purchased myself are on the chopping block.


Sharing with one or more of these beautiful ladies.