Monthly Resolution: Just do it

I know I talk about my children a lot on here, it is probably because currently, they are the center of my daily life - or the lack thereof. My life. Not my children. I have made pretty much all of my previous resolutions with my children in mind, because of motherhood. The one thing we all have opinions about and none of us want to fail at it. I have needed more time to practice some of my new habits, hence the month off in August. But lately, I have taken a renewed interest in taking the next step in learning to love myself as the mother that I am.

This fresh wave of love may come in part from listening to some positive podcasts throughout the day. Unfortunately, over the last months, I have failed to do so and I can tell a huge difference in the days I do listen to them and the days I don't. God is good, you guys. He gives me better days when I focus on Him.

Back to the month of September.

My children perceive his or her environment differently than I as an adult do. Just because they are on the go a lot, doesn't mean their brains process information in the same speed their bodies do. Even though sometimes I mistake they do.

This morning, for example, I am holding out a piece of bread for j to eat and it is as if he takes forever to take it. As if he first looks at it, brain running at high speed and coming to a squealing stop. Then, he'll reeeeeaaaach out and finally grab it.

And this has me realise that my "just do it" attitude has been getting in the way of my relationship with my children. So, my dear month of September, I want to focus on adjusting my speed to the speed of my children. And I admit it does require some more planning on my end - planning more time to get somewhere mostly.

On days that we take our time grocery shopping, my children usually are a lot more relaxed and take directions very well. When I'm in a hurry and tense, they pick up on it and are tense, usually ending the day frustrated and with tears (for everyone). But that's another post. :]