Drum Roll Please...

There is no hiding it any longer; My pants are getting uncomfortably tight, as a matter of fact, I nowadays prefer to wear my wonderful husband's sweat pants instead of my own clothes. My middle section is slowly but surely expanding while the rest of me stays it's happy skinny self.

Yes, we are expecting another addition to our little family. We are so excited about it, while at the same time I still fear another  miscarriage. But God doesn't make mistakes and I take refuge in His will for us.

We are “only” 13 weeks along but there is no denying that I'm showing already. If I have cravings, you ask? Not too long ago it was green Olives. But then I got sick after eating them one night and can't stand to look at them since. Now it's pickled mushrooms (I know, right?), Sweet Baby Carrots (what!?!) and Chocolate. Pregnant or not pregnant, who doesn't like chocolate. But normally I have a little bit more self restraint when it comes to that evil food.

From what I can tell Baby E has not yet fully grasped that the life as she knows it, is about to end. I have told her she can't jump on Mama any more because Mama has a Baby in her belly now. At that she pointed to my belly said “Baby! Oh oh!” She's only a sweet 2 ¼.