Let Them be Little

Let them be little. The kids.

Let them grow and explore, play and get dirty.

Let them scream and yell, run and hide.

Let them be little. My kids.

That has been my mantra. The goal is to run wild and explore as much as possible outside this summer. The garden hose turned on, my daughter running wild under the water sprinkler. And also daily time playing in the pool. I wish for my daughter to learn hard work is not an option but required, and also to remember her summers playing outside and learning to swim in the family pool.

On my recent dinner with a wise woman and mother of tween and teenage boys - all of which are respectful and pleasant to be around - I am learning to love myself. It is such an encouragement to know that how I'm choosing to raise my children others have done so before me with a great turn out. A lot of times I feel like I'm going against the grain but then I see the connection between my children - their bond and laughter shared, even at this young of an age.

And I slip every now and then. I realize that. I'm not perfect. I'm human. We are shaped in times of pressure and trial.

We get up, forgive, and try again.

I yearn for my children to remember me not as a momster, but their nurturing rock in life they know they can depend on. And the only way for them to remember me that way is to be it.

So --

Let them be little. The kids.